Post No. 7

Continuing on from last week today we're shining the spotlight on Alexa's London stockist, LN-CC

Located in London's Stoke Newington district, LN-CC describes themselves as 'an evolving platform of curated ideas that encompasses menswear, womenswear, music and books. The store consists of individual product rooms, a library, record store, gallery and club space for private events'. Though appointments aren't required for a visit, entry is private and a bell must be used for access. 

Once inside shoppers will find a selection of brands hailing from around the globe, including items from both established and emerging designers. LN-CC is also very proud to offer a conscious collection of brands at the forefront of both eco and tech practices, offering truly unique expressions and low environmental impact to the savvy shopper. LN-CC says: 'Working away from the restraints of trends by selecting products and ideas that inspire us, LN-CC is it's own culture, uncompromised, unprejudiced, and inclusive'. We say: Amen.

Photos via LN-CC

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Posted on January 28, 2016 .