Post No. 8

Have you ever been curious about how designers spend their day? How a garment, or even an entire collection, goes from idea to finished product? To shed light on this sometimes mysterious process, we decided to share something we're calling 'A Day in the Life of the Designer'. 

8am: Alexa starts her day. 

10am: After her usual morning routine, Alexa grabs some coffee and heads to her North Portland studio. 

11am: On the day in question, Alexa had a visit from a friend and patron of the Arts & Crafts Museum. After discussing the materials Alexa used in her Spring / Summer 16 collection, her collaboration with Eileen Fischer, her upcoming Autumn / Winter line and her upcoming residency in New York this September (which will include a fashion show and a pop-up in a friend's studio), Alexa prepared to interview an intern candidate. 

12pm: Alexa interviews a local art student interested in an internship. Discussing her experience, skills, and line of study, she and Alexa work together to cut material for a jump suit.

1pm: Alexa sneaks in some lunch and prepares to interview another intern candidate. 

2pm: Now is when Alexa fits in the bulk of her work: emailing shop owners, updating social media, working on marketing, packaging online orders, and working on sampling items for her upcoming Spring / Summer 17 collection.

6pm: Alexa takes a break to head home and have dinner with her roommates. There might be some kitten hang time involved too.  

8pm: Alexa heads back to the studio to fit in more sketching and sampling. This is also when she typically experiments with new designs and techniques. 

10 - 11pm: Alexa hangs up her tool belt and heads home for some well deserved rest. 

Of course, this typical day doesn't include major production work. In the months and weeks before a new collection is released, Alexa spends most of her time working with her production partners, often sitting side by side with her seamstress to help sew garments or working with her silk-screener to handprint large bolts of fabric - but that's another post for another time.

Posted on August 4, 2016 .